About A5 Magazine

A5 Magazine is an independent art and design magazine. It functions as a printed gallery, presenting in each issue a themed exhibition, featuring artists from around the globe.
A5 Magazine celebrates the print media, providing a highly aesthetic experience: each issue is unique with a specially created graphic look.

Established in 2007 and based in Tel Aviv, A5 is distributed in Israel and abroad and can be found at international exhibitions, art fairs and biennales.

We are Keren Gafni, Golan Gafni and Tali Green, three graphic designers, motivated by the desire to create, explore and exhibit, sharing our great love to art and print.

Studio Address: 12 Shefa Tal st., Tel Aviv 6701329 Israel / a5fora5@gmail.com / Webshop / Stockists
“The three graphic designers behind A5, publishes the magazine itself and curates each number with a safe and loving hand… it’s an eye opener… A5 Magazine has its own personality, but also an international ‘feel’ that make it just as well could be created in Berlin, Buenos Aires or Aarhus”
“I DO ART” blog, Denmark / June 2013
“The desire to create something unique and meaningful is one of the motivations behind A5 Magazine…”
Computer Arts UK / September 2009

“Our favourite thing about A5 is that it comes unbound, so readers are free to display images on their walls – no more painstaking hours with a scalpel”
The Magazine, UK / September 2007
“It’s a real exhibition in the form of a magazine. A nice idea, nicely executed”
O.K. Periodicals / February 2011

“A5 Magazine is a heart warming initiative”
Israel Today / September 2007

“A5 is a high quality visual magazine”
TimeOut Tel Aviv / January 2010